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Building bridges

From homelessness to independence

The FurtherMore Project provides supported accommodation services to single homeless and pending homeless adults aged 18 years plus. The organisation’s core objectives are to provide supported accommodation and to act as a bridge from homelessness to independence by equipping our clients with the tools to live sustainable, independent lives.

We recognise that no one person is the same and that individuals will differ in the support they require, or the time that it takes to show positive improvements. We understand that homelessness often comes with several accompanying support needs, which frequently contribute to, or worsen, an individual’s circumstances.

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Support needs

include but are not limited to:


One of the primary pillars of support is the provision of housing. Upon entering the service, clients are allocated their own bedroom within a shared house which benefits from communal areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas. When allocating a property for a client, great care is taken to understand their individual circumstances and support needs to ensure the environment we are placing them into promotes progression and minimises any potential risks.

Support Services

We understand that homelessness may come with a breadth of accompanying support needs, which can often contribute to the root cause of homelessness in the first instance. Consequently, we strongly believe that the provision of housing without support not only ignores the root causes of homelessness, but in many cases may lead to repeated homelessness and unsustainable accommodation. Our support accounts for this, striving to alleviate any accompanying issues, with the target being to enable our clients to make steps towards independence.

London, UK

The FurtherMore Project was formed as a social venture to assist with solving homelessness in London. We recognise that homelessness can often be a very traumatic and stressful situation and it is our vision to empower our clients by providing all the necessary support that will enable them to move towards independent living. 

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